Hi, I am Rocco Georgi. This is my portfolio page listing some of my educational and professional background along with skills and milestones that I find worth mentioning. There are also dedicated pages for some projects and events. You can hire me as freelancing web technology expert (which is part of the reason why this page is in desperate need of an update).


In 1991 I started programming on a C64. Five years later I wanted to become an industrial designer because I liked the looks of my Colani-designed 486 SX 25 PC-Tower and drawing cars. Instead I opted for a university degree and studied Software Engineering and English Linguistics (M.A.).

In 1999 I started freelancing as a web developer during university and created a lot of MySQL/PHP/HTML/CSS code - the LAMP stack was a long-time friend of mine.

I did a one year internship at Siemens Travel Management in San Jose, USA in 2002/03 helping to build a data warehouse and reports generator.

In 2002 I developed a web-based real-estate management software: that was still used by some companies in 2014.

Freelancing as a full stack developer ever since I built hundreds of websites, forums, shops and other web-apps, also several mobile apps and even some games. I have worked on my own, for individuals, startups, and all other sizes of companies on equally small and big projects.

In 2006 I started focusing mainly on JavaScript in mobile browsers. Later I co-founded a business called PavingWays Ltd. to bundle research and consulting for clients mainly in the UK.

I think staying up-to-date with current technology developments is an essential duty as a software developer and I try to keep up with it.

In efforts to evolve from being a software developer I did some reasearch and presented at several conferences, mostly about JavaScript on mobile devices. Some of my writing was published by others and I went on consulting clients and doing workshops for IT departments and individuals.

Since 2009 I am in a consulting/development gig at Deutsche Telekom and some related companies, currently at T-Systems.

As of 2010 I am interested in node.js and I maintain an open source node.js boilerplate.

I currently live in Frankfurt, Germany and I used to run the local HTML5/PhoneGap Meetup group. I know a little German. <!-- If you get this joke, get in touch and I'll buy you a coffee. -->


I usually deal with and help others with the following:

I am currently especially interested in:

I also did development-related stuff like:

Open Source

I enjoy contributing to open source projects whenever I get a chance. The web would be nothing without open source, we all depend on it.

I used to maintain these open source projects on GitHub:

I also like

photography, travel, moving and sailing.

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