XTech Conference 2006, Amsterdam

16 May 2006

XTech 2006 was the first conference I attended. I was blown away by most of the talks. I presented CarCulatr, a mobile app based on web technology, during a lightning talks session.

Rocco-Georgi presents CarCulatr at XTech 2006
image credit: Jeremy on flickr

Jeremy Keith talked to me after the sessions and he was kind enough to take me drinking with some quite famous people.

I also met Brian Suda, Mike Smith - back then working for Opera - he gave me an "I open the WEB" T-Shirt. Mike also introduced me to HÃ¥kon Wium Lie, CTO at Opera.

Meeting all these people was my main take away I guess, along with learning a lot and knowing I could present stuff at conferences. Amsterdam is great too, but that I knew before.