Realizing that Node.js is important

19 Mar 2010

At some point after JSConf EU 2009 I blogged about Node.js, so this is a post about a blog post ...

Why? Because for me it was a big milestone to realize and actually get what Node.js means and that it is an important thing. Looking at it now (4 years later) it seems I was right.

Back then I felt like I had to urgently blog about it and so I wrote a post on right away.

The post made it into the Node.js Wikipedia page as a reference - it was there in EN, now at least remains in the KO and ZH versions. It was also listed in an article in Smashing magazine.

Summary, Findings and Discoveries

One of the comments below the original post is spot on: "Wow. I feel like tearing down everything I wrote and rewrite it with node.js".