MediaElement.js Playlist Plugin for the Video and Audio Tag

This MediaElement.js plugin provides playlist support for Video and Audio players.
It was forked from duozersk/mep-feature-playlist, which is a fork of JeyKeu/mep-feature-playlist.

How it works

  1. Add a CSS class "mep-playlist" to your <video> or <audio> tag
  2. Add an attribute "data-showplaylist" with value "true" to show playlist on start
  3. Add features "playlistfeature" (loads library) and "playlist" (shows control icon)
  4. Add several <source>s to your <video> or <audio> tags (only playable types will be playlisted)

Main features

Build it yourself and contribute

Video playlist with default display

Video playlist with slider

Regular Video

Regular videos use the same visuals as playlists. Customizable via CSS.

Video by Justin Cone under CC license

Audio playlist

Audio playlist with slider

Music from under various CC licenses